Al Mumtaz Foundation Education Complex Mangwal

Firstly, it is cleared that Al Mumtaz Foundation Education Complex Mangwal is Non-Profitable organization. It is a welfare organization.ceoIts first and foremost objective is to provide quality education at low cost, and make sure availability of qualified staff, which is always ready to take on challenges. Its vision is quite simple and in favor of building the future of Pakistan. “To produce honest, hardworking and patriotic builders for country “Our aim is to make unique citizens, who will be able to take active part in the development of country. Its first and foremost duty is to produce honest, sincere, true Muslims and hardworking future citizens to take active part in all spheres of life making Pakistan a developed and prosperous country among the community of nations. World is squeezing in global village, in this computer age almost every human-beings has to interact with other human-beings, its main aim is develop the personality and character of students enabling them to compete successfully in all the fields of life.


May ALLAH support this institution to achieve its targets(Aameen)




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